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August 2012

Bullet on call service

some time back I had a problem getting the bike started.
I was going for a run with Runners For Life, luckily I had friends in the apartment who were also going for the same run, so I was able to park my bike and hitch a ride with them.
when I came back, the bike still would not start.
I pushed it around a bit and at 200 KGs it is a bit of a push.
Much push-button starting and kick-starting later I was still without any life from the engine.
In despair I finally called the 24 hour service line number given by the showroom when I got the bike.
The chap actually picked up the phone and assured me he would reach in a couple of hours as he was at the other end of town.
A couple of hours later, he was actually there. Miracles do happen !
He cam riding in on his own bullet, next time I have occasion to use his services, hopefully not in a long time, I will click a snap and post it here.
He figured what the problem was, it was a spark-plug which did not work well or it was loose wires connecting to the battery. He fiddled with those, they can be found in the little square box on the side of the bike – the battery compartment. Basically just pressed the fuses together a bit. This did not work so he replaced the spark-plug.
Apparently the bullet spark-plug does tend to conk off at times. He advised buying a more reliable one if the new one he provided did not do the job for long.
Once the spark-plug was replaced the bike started like a dream.
It still works – touch-wood.

Not a fun Sunday morning, but the silver-lining was the discovery that the Bullet help-line comes on a bullet and provides help.

For anyone who needs it, here are the numbers – 944 861 97 61, 080 2668 9975, 080 4090 5108




While I love riding the bike, I don’t think work and family pressures are going to allow me to do any serious long rides anytime soon. However, I have been on a few short rides which were awesome fun.
I enjoy riding my bike so much that I have started using for every small errand that I am required to run. With all my saddles and helmet box, veggie and grocery shopping is not a problem either.

1.       J P Nagar, Harohalli, Jigni and back. 70Km

This is a ride I have done on my cycle (Trek 3700) and wanted to do this on my bike as well. It was great fun to ride through the reserved forest on the bullet, lovely feeling.
Route is to go down Kanakapura road, past Shri Shri ashram, up to Harohalli. 30 Km mark.
There is a good chai-wala on the left here, recommend to stop and have a cuppa. Then turn left near the Harohalli bust-stand. Go through the village a bit and then you will find yourself on a country road which is quiet and nice. Further on you turn in to the reserved forest area and climb the hills to end up near Jigni on the other side of the hills. From there you need to make your way back via Banerghatta road. 

Between Harohalli and the reserved forests


  J P Nagar, Kanankapura, Bheemeshwari and back 200 km.

This was a company offsite, I took the liberty of getting my bike to the offsite rather than go in the bus. Got a bit of flak for it but what the heck, as the boss you can always take some liberties 😉 One my team members had recently got a Thunderbird and he was the motivation behind the ride.
The route is fantastic, once you pass Kanakapura town. The traffic is minimal, at the time when we went the Gulmohar trees on the route were in full bloom which made it doubly beautiful. Once in to the Kaveri reserve forest it was just awesome riding the bike.
It is a small winding road with greenery all around and the hint of a possibility of seeing an elephant somewhere. Makes for a great ride.
Would recommend this above anything else for a day out on the bike. You can drop in to the Jungle Lodge at Bheemeshwari and enjoy the facility including a nice homely lunch before heading back.

My office itself is 20 Km away from home, so whenever I take my bike, which is not very often, that itself is a bit of a ride.
With the side-saddles and helmet box, I don’t have to carry a backpack which makes it a pleasure to travel whether on a short-long ride or on the office commute.
Once in a while I take the long route to office via the Nice Expressway ! Makes for a far more interesting commute than through the city !

Taken on the NICE expressway near the Tumkur junction

Kitting out the Bullet

I had a vision in mind of what I wanted the bike to look like.
I wanted it to have side-saddles on both the sides, a helmet box at the back and a visor in front.  Also, the thump factor had to be far higher.
Research showed that Studds produce side saddles which are decent. Givi make good helmet boxes, Royal Enfield has visors, probably made for the limited edition Machismo, this would meet my requirements.
The hit on the pocket had to be managed, so I decided to do it in steps.
So far, I am done with the saddles and the helmet box. Unfortunately no one here makes side-saddles that are meant for both sides of the bike. They only make them for the right side, apparently to accommodate the lady pillion riders who sit side-saddle. Really!!
So, I have my left side saddle which has its rear reflector pointing in the wrong direction.
But, what to do we are like this only !

Along with the saddles, I also put in a back rest. It is quite nice and comfortable for the pillion, I hope. Would never go pillion on my own bike 🙂
Would fully recommend it to all, adds space for the back seat and the backrest has plenty of cushion which helps I am sure.

 While getting the side-saddles, I also got little hoods for the blinkers. I love them, I think they are super-cool. Of course they say Harley-Davidson and not Royal Enfield, well until Eicher chaps figure out the goldmine of a brand name they are sitting on we will have to make do with other names.

This is what it currently looks like, will upload a better photo shortly. 

Helmet !

Next step, to get myself a good helmet. 

Some research told me HPC was one of the best helmet brands to go for. Figured the store in Bangalore near Lal Baug that stocked the brand. Went there and settled for the only one which fit my head. It was a pretty good one too. It has real vents which let air flow in and out, the entire lining is detachable and washable and is reputed to be able to really protect one’s head. Cost a pretty penny too, 7.5k. But what the heck my bike cost 1.7 L and I do value my head a bit.


I am a regular guy with a passion to ride a bike. Had kept this passion in check for a number of years until Royal Enfield came out with the 500 CC Classic. What a beauty!
I gave right in and am now the proud owner of a Black Beauty !

The idea of this Blog is to share my experience of owning the bike and riding it. I am also putting in a little effort to change the way it looks and will share that too over here.

It will be great if this blog helps anyone else looking to decide on buying a Bullet and also will be fantastic if it helps some like minded bullet-heads interact ! 

Happy to receive any and all feedback !


Posing for the camera of course !

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