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January 2016

India’s most exciting new Motorbike

Well, we have all been reading about this for a while now. The Himalayan from Royal Enfield.

Here is a very nice story by Siddhartha Lal the CEO of Royal Enfield and a really inspirational motorcylce rider.

Story Here

The RE website also has a few pics and videos of the bike. Here are 3 representative images from there. You can look up the videos too.

As a kid growing up in India there was always a dearth of exciting motorcycles. Those days there was the Java, the Yezdi and the Bullet. All big badass type of machines not your off road all -terrain types. Then came the 100 CC onslaught and there were numerous 2-stroke 100 CC machines from the good old Yamaha RX-100 to the Suzuki Samurai. These were noise sub-par on power and fuel guzzlers but we loved them all the same. This was followed by 4-strokes from the Hero Honda combine. I owned and rode one of these – The Hero Honda Sleek it was called. But if you look back they were all mostly similar, urban commute vehicles and nothing else.

In more recent times the Pulsar (from Bajaj – Kawasaki technology at some point) and Karizma have been a little exciting to see though still largely urban vehicle albeit more powerful.

It is only in the last 4-5 years that we have had an influx of motorbikes from all over the world vying for the Indian customer and those with aspirations of buying something different have been able to access the Triumph-Tiger or the BMW off-roaders.

Though there is still a singular lack of a good Indian off-road bike.

Ladakh / Leh the mecca of all Indian Bikers and wannabe Bikers is best accessed on a Royal Enfield bike, most importantly because you can find a mechanic for a Bullet in most parts of India. If your purpose built tourer had a problem in a remote corner, well you will be truly stuck. So, a glaring hole in the market for a reliable tourer / off-roader.

Finally, the guys at RE have decided to plug it. I do believe that it has been in the pipe for a while and maybe it does take a while to design and delivery a reliable motorbike but now we cannot wait to see it on the roads.

These few glimpses of the Himalayan have certainly whet the appetite and I for one am totally excited about this launch. AutoExpo 2016 is when it is expected to be.

Wait…..just a little more !

Go north

So continuing the theme of breakfast joints the newest one on the list is the Indian Paratha Company.IPC Map
This is just north of the airport. It is a nice stand-alone building on the left, along a service road next to the highway.

Based on where you start from it is not too far from the city to get to. So in case you are looking to do a 200 km type of ride it is a good idea to ride up to the Penukonda junction and then back. It is about 110 KM from the airport to Penukonda.
Some of the more foodie types can also stop for a small snack at the Kamat Upachar over there. Something my bunch always does. Though frankly in the hierarchy of Kamats this one would rate pretty low, but its location makes up. In fact just going up to the Kamat and back makes for a pretty good ride.

on the way there and then turn back and ride to the IPC for a hearty breakfast. True to its name it serves paranthas of all hues. The lassi is pretty good too. If you are truly hungry I would recommend a lassi with a paneer parantha over here.

The best part of IPC is the ambiance. It is open air with nice seating places. There are Hills in the back drop and the highway in front.

IMG_0121 (Large).JPG
Waiting for the Parathas to be delivered !

It is turning out to be quite a popular haunt for a lot of bikers. It also has the advantage of being open till late making it an ideal midnight ride place as well.

At most times you are likely to see a bunch of bikes parked in the front. From bullets to apprillas with a smattering of Harleys.

It is always nice to run in to fellow bikers wherever you are.

So people if you are looking for a breakfast ride option towards the north you can definitely make the IPC a destination. Do wave at the other bikers you see there.

Ride on !

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